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Whatever you do, be Uber about it

Whatever you do, be Uber about it

I spent the past couple of weeks on the move from Nevada to visit my daughter and grandson; and last weekend to Atlanta where my niece got married.

My heart was full of love, no doubt, from the time spent with my precious girl and her soul-healing three-year-old bundle of undeniable joy. And again, when I went with my Mom to Atlanta to be with my sister and her family when her daughter married. My heart is truly full and my body is truly tired, as I’m not as young as I once was.

Also, my brain is pretty full – full of knowledge I never thought I would need or have, and yet here we are. 

I hope you are sitting down for this: I put the Uber app on my phone and I used it. 

Along the lines of other things I would have never guessed I would do - like jogging with enthusiasm or primitive camping on purpose,   being forced to use the Uber app made me feel weirdly powerful. I felt like Sandra Bullock’s character on the movie  The Net,  that came out in 1995, where she ordered pizza on her desktop computer that took up more room than my current desk.

Only I ordered a ride on a computer that fits in my back pocket.

This makes me Uber-cool or something, possibly Uber-only 20 years behind the times. 

It was a great adventure

I met KeKe, who although was about 45 minutes late, was a hoot. A married mother of six children, her Uber was part of her burgeoning transportation business she is building to care for her family.

She was an inspiration, she was charming and funny, and she stayed with us while we worked through issues with our lodging. 

Then we met Joshua, a rapper in Atlanta who has a one-year-old daughter with his wife, and  originally came from New Orleans and was relocated to Fort Worth after Hurricane Katrina. He told us he played football against a Wichita Falls high school while he lived in Fort Worth, reminding me how connected we all really are.

Not gonna lie, I downloaded his song on iTunes. You only live once.

By my third Uber driver (I was, by then, expert level at Uber-ing), I realized I had actually just been paying people to talk to me while getting  us from point A to point B. I’m addicted to talking. 

Sadly, driver three was way no fun, and had very little to say. I don’t remember his name. I have no idea if he’s married, how many kids he has.  He had the personality of wilted arugula – harmless, but a little bitter.                                                                                        

Two our of three ain’t bad. At all. So, I’m just gonna rest here and bask in my Uber-coolness.

Crazy good book news - Check out local talent:

I’m honored to be included in an Indie Author book signing at Kemp Library Saturday in Wichita Falls, along with six other local authors including Beverly Stowe McClure. Kathey Gray, Carole Gilbert, Jill Montz, Ian McMurtrie and J.L. Curtis.

The Indie Author Day will be held Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 pm. at the Wichita Falls Public Library, and is part of a nationwide event. 

If you’re a reader, I urge you to come out and meet these authors who write because they cannot not write, and who represent a beautiful range of genres and topics.

We’ll see you Saturday, with gratitude.

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