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Food for thought; also, lots of gratitude

Food for thought; also, lots of gratitude

I’m going to be talking about a couple of things this week, so buckle up, Buttercup.

Urgent Need

The Iowa Park Food Pantry is in urgent need of food supplies, and as my friends and readers I’m asking you to help them out. Nobody, nobody, deserves to be hungry. 

Im October the food pantry served 50% more families than they had the month before, resulting in the shortage. 

They desperately need non-perishable food items, or if you are able, a cash donation.

As part of our Read to Feed service we hold each year for the Iowa Park Food Pantry, the Iowa Park Leader is offering $1 off each canned or boxed food item on a subscription, which will directly be donated to our local food pantry, operated out of First United Methodist Church by literal angels on earth. 

So whether you are reading me in Iowa Park, Texas or anywhere else on earth, I am asking you to help insure that no one goes hungry in this world that has plenty. 

I am picking up extra at the grocery store this week  – as much as I am able. I hope you do the same.

Big Ol’ Apology 

and Thank You 

For the first, and God-willing, last, time in my life I get to say the words, “the innerwebs ate our emails.”

It’s true, and it’s sad. But, it is fixed, and not without losing roughly seven days of emails we have no way of recovering and therefore no way of knowing what we did not get. 

So, if you emailed us a story or an ad or a hilariously funny joke (you know who you are), and we didn’t get it, I’m blaming it on the innerwebs eating our emails.

There is truly not much worse for a person like me to have to attempt to know what I’m talking about tech-wise. I am not savvy. 

Therefore, when I have to talk to people to get to the root of a problem I stopped understanding 10 minutes before the conversation began, I feel like I am being pelted by a million ping pong balls at once. It is unpleasant for everyone involved. Tech departments are underrated in my opinion.

But we don’t get that luxury at the Iowa Park Leader, where somehow the managing editor and hapless columnist ended up as the unofficial and reluctant head of our IT department. 

Kevin is in charge of the website or it would truly eternally say in script font “please be patient - this site is under construction.” Total ping pong balls for me. He can do that and I so applaud it from a great distance.

I chose the email portion of it since I once set up a gmail account all by myself. Luckily, Nam with GoDaddy turned out to be extra good at customer service (he didn’t laugh at me once with his microphone on), and also made my job of setting up the emails so easy.

Long story longer, we have emails again and they aren’t floating around in the ethers. If we missed yours, we offer huge apologies and many thanks for the phone calls from people who got bounce backs or  responses from the emails to re-direct to our usual customers and contacts.

And huge kudos to Kevin, now elevated to President of the IT team, who survived the onslaught of ping pong balls and saved the day.

The good news is, by the time you read this everything is just fine. And if it’s not, I don’t want to hear about it.

See you at the grocery store.

The sloth is my spirit animal

The sloth is my spirit animal

Happy, haunted Halloween

Happy, haunted Halloween