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Giving a whole lotta thanks

Giving a whole lotta thanks

Every year, many of my friends on Facebook do a post a day announcing what they are thankful for during the month of November. While I am proud for them, it reminds me of how incredibly unreliable I am. 

Since I have neither the focus nor the internal will to do this every day for 30 days, I do it in one night, while sipping a glass of cheap red wine because it seems to make me feel grateful.

So, if you wish to bow out on the cheesy gratitude now, I don’t blame you. But you might be surprised at the things I have found to be grateful for. I list these things I am deeply grateful for in no particular order:

• My first cup of morning coffee. It is the only best part of waking up. 

• That Glad Wrap stuff. What witch or warlock developed this space age technology at a time when we still cannot prevent spoofing calls? It doesn’t make any sense, but it covers a plate of cookies like a champ.

• My vast and wildly beautiful dysfunctional family who taught me to make lemonade out of life’s lemons.

• The generous local couple who sent $500 to the Iowa Park Food Pantry when they learned of their need and the many people who have contributed food throughout  our Read to Feed Program at the Leader. And, I am thankful for those of you who will continue to give, especially through this high-need holiday season. 

• My children, who have somehow taught me more about being a compassionate human being than I taught them. I am in awe of them both.

• I am excitedly thankful for Maria Ketchersid who brought to my attention that portable disco ball that will light up a car as snazzily as a party room is available for purchase for the low, low price of like $9.95 for anyone wondering what the top item on my Christmas list is. My husband is not at all interested in making this Christmas wish come true, so I’m having to count on you  gentle readers, good friends and sponsors of the art for this dream to be realized.

• I am thankful for daily planners that give me the false but comforting illusion of being organized.

• High school football, y’all. With that in mind, Go Hawks! Keep it going this Friday night. 

• My grandboy, who helps me look at the world in a more spacious and hopeful way. This is big. 

• I am thankful for friends who shoot straight with me. I have many, and they remind me what life is all about.

• My Ugg boots. They are 10 years old. They are ugly. I drink wine in them while I write. And, I hope to be buried in them, I love them that much. 

• I am thankful daily for Thoughts of Dog on Twitter. It is the best part of that social platform. 

• I’m grateful I didn’t go off on a tirade about spoofing calls in general. I hope you are, too.

• And lastly, I am thankful for you folks who read the Leader every week, and support our effort to cover Iowa Park and record her history.

If you can make a list of things great and small that bring peace to your heart when you think of them – as this list does me – then you are blessed and have much more to be thankful for than  you probably realize. 

Happy Thanksgiving, and remember to talk more turkey than politics at the table this year.

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