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The sloth is my spirit animal

The sloth is my spirit animal

I was in the best mood coming to work Monday morning, which happens with the same regularity as Halley’s Comet - every 75 years. 

Birds were singing. Motorists were waving to each other with all of their fingers. My car dancing was on point. I was so incredibly rested for the first time since the Spring.

So I ask you, who else among us is living their best life since Sunday’s time change?

To be clear, I wasn’t early to work. I wasn’t even on time being late. I was later than my usual late because I stopped at the grocery store on my way to work to get food for the food pantry.

(This was a subliminal message for you to do the same, by the way.)

Still, I’m pretty sure my co-workers noticed the animated blue birds chirping around my head as I greeted all the forest animals only I could see in my bliss.

I learned quickly via some of my co-workers and a subsequent post on Facebook that I am almost alone in my love for the “Falling Back” portion of the year.

A few honest people around me admitted they got to work earlier, which would have shamed me if the sloth weren’t my spirit animal.

I got my hour back ... it’s honestly how I feel every year in the fall. My precious hour of sleep has returned again and I’ll be fine until Spring.

It has been brought to my attention that the rest of the free world prefers daylight at the end of the day, even if they are morning people. This perplexes me.

I’m a night person, and one who can’t get to sleep until my brain stops and my stomach is happy. Consequently, it’s not unusual for me to be up after midnight chewing on a cold fried pork chop while I write non-sensical things to empty my brain.

The extra hour matters, at least to me, my empty brain and full stomach. 

I have a friend in Ohio say she hates the time change because she wants to eat dinner and go to bed at the same time. I advocate eating dinner in bed and taking a snooze.

Several people cited inconsiderate pets and children who had no knowledge of the time change and still want to be fed at a particular time in the morning. As a pet owner and mother of two former little kids, I sympathize. Still, something in me says Amazon has the answer if you just look hard enough.

I am nothing if not a fully-rested problem solver.

As my momma always says, “Nothing lasts forever.”

You’ll get your hour back in the Spring, and I’ll be cranky again. But I will still be late to work.

A stick, a box and a Magic 8 Ball walk into a Hall of Fame

A stick, a box and a Magic 8 Ball walk into a Hall of Fame

Food for thought; also, lots of gratitude

Food for thought; also, lots of gratitude