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Shop Iowa Park First at Christmas, and Always

Shop Iowa Park First at Christmas, and Always

I was working my other day job this week, selling ads, when I had the pleasure of visiting with the owners of Louis’ Jewelry, George and Lesa Bushfield.

Christmas time is, of course, upon us, and George reminded me about the slogan that my Dad and late Iowa Park Leader co-publisher began and promoted, which remains to this day.

“Shop Iowa Park First.”

Dad was passionate about that as a business owner, taxpayer and proud citizen of this community and a lot of that filtered its way down to me and the entire Iowa Park Leader staff.

Without getting preachy, I want to talk about why it’s so important to our community that you buy at home whenever you can. 

When you buy what is available for sale, or utilitize services in Iowa Park, you are not only helping the business owner but also by extension yourself, your neighbors and your city and schools.

The sales tax rebates help our city keep our streets in good repair; increase our quality of life (think sports complexes, spray park and our walking track); and economic development projects that help our city prosper and grow.

Spending your money in Iowa Park insures paychecks for our workers who own or rent homes, pay taxes and utilities and also have families to care for.

This trickles down to things we rarely think about, like extra services for our youth. Our youth count greatly on these businesses to help fund school activities from elementary to high school, that aren’t covered by tax dollars - sponsorships, representation and extra services.

Without local support of businesses, these things are less possible.

Even in our business, I can assure you it would be impossible for us to get you the news about our city, schools, sports teams, meetings, and life in Iowa Park without the support of our local business community by the way of advertising, and private citizens who buy our newspaper.

I spend a lot of time in Iowa Park businesses, and they have a lot to offer. Just check out the ads in this week’s paper.

Just this week, I’ve been in restaurants, pharmacies, banks, salons, insurance agencies, gift shops, hardware stores, jewelry stores and an oil change shop, both for professional and personal reasons.

We do have a lot to offer, folks, at Christmastime and all year. 

It’s worth repeating: Shop Iowa Park First, y’all. It will pay you back.

By the way, follow the Leader down to Frisco Friday to see your Iowa Park Hawks in the State Quarterfinal Playoffs. The Leader will see you there.

This passes as an official Christmas Card, I hope.

This passes as an official Christmas Card, I hope.

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