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Finding the humanity in our relationships

Finding the humanity in our relationships

“There is a larger conversation we need to engage in; where relationship is at the center of our humanity.”  - William Paul Young


I love a good quote. I also love a good high school reunion.

Luckily, the two converged over the weekend.

The Iowa Park High School Class of 1983 reunited at Coyote Ranch Friday and Saturday, and the craziest thing happened ... We spoke directly to each other, actually looking eyeball to eyeball. 

It was insane.  Actual conversations, with laughing, inflections and listening going on.

Nobody was looking at  their phones, until we whipped them out for pictures, some of which will hopefully never see the light of day.

Politics never came up. It was freaking lovely.

I was all like, Facebook who?

With increasing regularity, social media platforms have turned into voids into which we shout back and forth in horrid keyboard-to-keyboard disagreement  with ... friends. Facebook friends. 


Face-to-face, though, the conversations turned into long, thoughtful exchanges about hot flashes and night sweats; kids in college; grandkids; what kind of sex education existed in our schools 35 years ago as opposed to today (spoiler alert: nothing’s changed), 

I had conversations about ghost stories and haunted places; about friends who had recently been sick and had surgery. We talked like humans who are friends and it was amazing. And we laughed, hard.

Our class is amazing, by the way.

Face-to-face conversation is the only way to find the humanity in our relationships again, I think.  

Facebook is a beautiful way to keep up with family and friends who are far away, but nothing can replace an actual conversation.

There’s a lot of good in social media, if you can stay on the right side of the balance between it being a tool for connection, or one for domination.

Look up from your screen. Find your relationships and do something to make them better.

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