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Ghost Books and Goat Rodeos

Ghost Books and Goat Rodeos

Good, fun news is hard to find these days.

This week’s good news is brought to you by ghosts and goats.

First,  I promised last week to give details on a book Kevin Slimp and I released this week entitled Haunted Places and Ghost Sightings Across Texas. 

It includes a story about Iowa Park as well as numerous cities and towns across Texas with fascinating stories of local hauntings and some fascinating history I had no idea about.

I’m not gonna lie, I hope you buy it for yourself, and a few for family and friends as Christmas gifts. 

So, if you are inclined, the book is available right this second on Amazon (Prime, even!) for $16.95. You can find it by searching  the title, Haunted Places and Ghost Sightings Across Texas, or my name (Kari Collins, by the way). 

Also, we will be ordering some to sell from our office. If you would like to purchase locally, please let us know. We’ll be placing an order in the next week, and want to make sure we have enough on hand.

And finally, on this subject, I want to thank the numerous incredible people in my life for their encouragement and support in this project. There are many of you, and if you have encouraged me in this, bought the book, or celebrated for and with me, I’m talking to you!

This has been a fun time for me, and you guys have made it even sweeter.

Stay tuned for some future events that are still in the works, including the Wichita Falls Downtown Art Walk, where I will be the guest of Eighth Street Coffee House as featured artist the second Thursday in October. More to come on that.. 


Now, for the goats.

I love the Twitter. It’s my drug of choice, social media-wise. I don’t have many followers, and I follow a menagerie of some funky people. Sure, there’s politics in there, but there are also some gems that help soothe whatever particular pain you might have.

That means I think it was funny, or even sweet.

Since this week was what I call a news cyclone, instead of the previously-accepted title, news cycle, my selected Tweet of the day Tuesday was this:

“Breaking: Everything.”

That’s like a red flag warning that everything you’re going to read on Twitter after that is going to have a hashtag indicating the the world is effectively coming to an end.

Being an optimist, I made it my business to actively search out something delightfully ridiculous and frivolous to write about. Because harmless frivolity can bring out the best in anyone, right?

A couple years ago, in an emotional state much the same as I’m in now, I stumbled upon the Twitter hashtag #DeadRaccoonTO, and although it was about a dead raccoon (as the hashtag would indicate), I honestly laughed so hard I cried. 

It was a day-long Twitter event, as the good people of Toronto waited for the city to come pick up a dead raccoon in downtown Toronto, adding to a growing shrine around the deceased Raccoon with well-wishes, lit candles and photos. 

This continued until nightfall when a crowd had gathered for an impromptu memorial service when the city finally showed up to remove the now-beloved #DeadRaccoonTO. 

Of course, although finding today’s lighter side of news was harder and a more concentrated effort, I did  happen upon a Twitter story involving John Stewart, goats and the subway in Brooklyn. 

Apparently, in some act that some would deem a genuine goat rodeo in New York City, two goats mysteriously appeared on the L-line tracks in Brooklyn Tuesday afternoon. 

At some point, and I haven’t found the Tweet (yet) that explains it, but Jon Stewart, the former host of The Daily Show, got involved. 

According to Spectrum News (I source my stuff!), the New York Police Department said the goats were tranquilized as they were kind of meandering around those L-line tracks for no particular reason. Being from Texas I have no idea what an L-line track is, but it seemed to be important in the tweets. 

Also, after seeing the pictures, I became an advocate of tranquilizing the goats because they looked really defiant and I do believe they were the head-butting Billy goat variety.

Anyway, somehow – and I don’t know how – but Jon Stewart is all of the sudden there and herding the goats into a trailer, where they were then taken to an animal care center in upstate New York.

Then, newsflash! It’s tweeted that Jon Stewart actually owns that animal retreat, called Farm Sanctuary, a safe space for animals. He named them Billy and Willy, and they have a forever home, even if it’s still unknown where they came from. 

Ghost books and goat rodeos. What’s your good news this week?

I did not sign up for this

I did not sign up for this

What's black, white and read all over?

What's black, white and read all over?