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Why girls should run the world. Also, books!

Why girls should run the world. Also, books!

My husband and I have been traveling a lot lately, mostly cheap junkets down memory lane.

In fact, I’m pretty sure we haven’t left the county lately.

We met and married later in life, so we still have things about each other we didn’t grow up knowing. We occasionally tell each other stories about what a person might call our glory days.

Last week during story time, he  started telling me a tale about this one time when he was in high school when  one of his friends had an issue with another guy. 

Stay with me here, it’s going to get confusing.

The other guy didn’t want to fight my husband’s friend, so he had enlisted the help of a bigger and scarier friend to physically fight my husband’s friend. My husband’s friend didn’t want to fight the big, scary guy so he talked my husband into fighting the fight.

Quick disclaimer: big and scary were decidedly not the words my husband used during this conversation.

It was only at this point during the story my husband looked at me. Thankfully, I don’t need a poker face with him, so he was not surprised when I said, “That is the dumbest thing I ever heard.”

He continued. 

The fight actually happened at the lake, he said, with an audience of their peers on the dam. My husband and another guy – who had not one thing to do with the original injury, whatever that was - were fighting a fight for no reason.

I let it sink in. Our eyes met again. 

“And THAT is why women should be running this country,” I said. 

He said something about it being an honor thing, which reinforced my original stance.

My journeys down memory lane don’t look anything like that.

The last time I shared memories with him took us to the Mardi Gras celebration in Jefferson, Texas several years ago. My friends and I had traveled en masse to Jefferson to take part in the Doo-Dah parade where we dressed up like pigs. We enjoyed the Grand Parade, street vendors, food trucks (OMG, the corn dogs) and also the beverage tents. 

And the people we met .... the town of 2,000 swells to 30,000 that weekend, a Department of Public Safety Trooper told me. This was not during an arrest, in case you were wondering. I just chatted him up while I waited in line at the corn dog truck. I think we talked to a solid 1/3 of the crowd that weekend.

We met the funniest biker couple from Mount Pleasant named Sue and Reece, and met up with them at several official functions.

It was a great upbeat story with not one mention of fighting,  honor, or big, scary guys. Reece was big, but not scary and never tried to fight us for Sue’s honor. 

Sadly, my husband’s eyes glazed over before I ever even got to the part about meeting the children of the King and Queen of the Crewe of Hebe (they would be hometown royalty in my estimation), the highest honor in the Grand Parade. We met them in the parking lot at a convenience store at two in the morning. It was a great story.

This is why women should run the country. We can talk to people in any situation, except our husbands when they aren’t listening.

Since I’m on the Beat a Dead Horse Tour (and be warned, probably won’t be your last time on this ride), I want to mention that Haunted Places and Ghost Sighting Across Texas is currently available for purchase at the Iowa Park Leader, or from me. There’s a story here in the paper somewhere all about it.

Tom Burnett Memorial Library also has two copies to check out, and that thrills me more than you know. We are a very lucky community to have the library and library staff we do in Iowa Park, who care so very much about reading and learning and community.

I’ll be having a book signing there Thursday, Sept. 20. Bring your own if you already have it, or you can buy one there.

Finally, I want to recognize the Texas Newspapers and paranormal expert George Jones (not that one) who contributed to this book, including the Iowa Park Leader, Marshall News, Canadian Record, Wise County Messenger, Uvalde Leader News, Monahans News, Duvall County Enterprise, Stamford American, Jasper Newsboy and McGregor Mirror. 

Most of these newspapers are,  like the Iowa Park Leader,  small family-owned newspapers.

It’s no secret I love newspapers, particularly the community variety, as well as ghost hunting. This was a book that had my name on it a long time before it existed. 

So, buy a book, Buy a subscription to a local newspaper. As good, buy an ad in your local paper.  We truly need your participation to survive, and continue to write the stories that entertain, inform, infuriate, and enlighten and intrigue you. 

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Mayhem on paper

34 years of change. And counting.

34 years of change. And counting.