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Girlfriend, I made some resolutions

Girlfriend, I made some resolutions

30 days of blogging – Day One



 I’ve decided to blog everyday for 30 days straight, just to break a pattern. I generally need several filters to get from what I first type to what is actually published – which means a much longer than one day turn-around. This thirty days will just be notes to my girlfriends – which means you, if you are reading this.

 I’m going to hit publish on a much more raw, and therefore, probably sometimes more profane version of the voice of mine you are used to. If that bothers you, skip to non-girlfriend posts – those will always be here as part of my work as a newspaper columnist.

 But there is that part of me that knows to my bones that curse words are simply regular words with seasoning added. Of course not everyone agrees, and I doubt even my husband will be a regular reader of this part of my blog, which is fine because it’s called “Girlfriend, “ and all.

 This is a much looser version of my writing style, and it won’t be for everybody, but I’m trying it on for size because one of my intentions for 2019 is exploring different writing styles and ideas.

Today’s Achievement: Eating a third of a bag of double-stuffed oreos, which is by itself fucking impressive. It was also a larger lunch than I normally eat.

 I needed all this sugar to re-do my writing room - or the room my husband calls my lady cave without any sense of irony. All this because of a flash that came to me on my way home from work yesterday – I don’t do my best writing when I’m watching the battlerounds on The Voice, or Ghost Adventures season premier.


 But, our TV in the living room has been in some serious death throws the past month. Also, it became clear to me that my ipad and it’s auxiliary keyboard I use for writing whie I’m watching my TV shows is also on the verge of tapping out. I have a perfectly good McIntosh desktop in my office.

 I remembered what William Paul Young said, “The opposite of more is enough,” and had the solution.


 The TV in my writing room I decided will go to the living room and I will use the writing room for – holy shit – writing. 

 And this is the first sample from my new habitat.

 We were snowed in from work today because we are in North Texas and the possibility of six inches constitutes a full-blown blizzard complete with four-wheel drive vehicles and other testosterone-fueled equipment to keep things running smooth. I don’t have any of that stuff so I stayed home and made a new writing room, with no TV. I even moved where I charge my phone and the position of my desk.

 Writers are always sure that changes in routine will be good omens. Or, maybe that’s just me. I moved the Sloth of Christmas Present next to the computer so he will help me keep Christmas and radical self-care in my heart the whole year through.

 I think it’s working. I’m stopping now to read a book and watch the snow.

 Tune in tomorrow for an exciting announcement about Mardi Gras 2019, which will probably end with an embarrassing story from around 2004.

 Today is officially Day One … WELCOME! If you want to subscribe specifically to this part of the blog, or to both parts, email me at kcollins@iowaparkleader and let me know. I’ll get you added to my Mailchimp list and notify you every time my nervous pointer finger pokes the publish key.  If it’s not your cup of tea, no hurt feelings – I don’t subscribe to every blog I read. But if you know someone who might like it, do a girl a favor and forward it.